Kat Has a Cow

  • Aired 01/24/2014

Michael heads into a field of cattle, but an unidentified creature spooks Kat.

(Michael)Look at this, this is a really--

(Kat)Big trail.

People graze their cowsup in here.

It's probably the cowsgoing to get water.

Yeah, you're probably right.

(Michael)The really interesting thing

about this state parkis it borders pasture land

There are cow pattiesall over the place,

and I fully expect some nitwitis gonna submit a cow patty

as a Sasquatch scat.

Let's followthis trail back.

This is going inthe general direction

we want to go in anyways.

(whispering)I see something moving.

Shh. Stop.

It's a cow, right there,straight ahead.

Grab the FLIRfrom the back of my pack.


All right, I'm recording 'em.

Stay right with me, Kat.

(branches snapping)

(Kat)What the hell was that?


Did a black cowcross you path?

Did it come from your leftand cross your path this way?

I don't know. Why?

Because whenI was coming up,

there was a tall black thingthat went "shh".

I swear to God,it was over there.

That's why I was like--Standing upright?

It looked like it was tall.Like a person.

I did not know what it was,that's why I'm asking you.

It went like this.

It came out of a tree,went to a tree,

went to another tree,and stopped.