The World's Best Bar & Nightclub Consultant

  • Season 3
  • Aired 05/29/2014

Jon Taffer introduces himself during the inaugural staff meeting at South Park bar in Montclair, NJ. He let's the staff know that it's his way of the highway.

My name is Jon Taffer.

I'm the world's best barand nightclub consultant.

I travel all over the world.

I'm gonna change everything about this business.

It's gonna blow you away.

I am in controlof this place, not him.

You have a problem, you come to me.

I need a commitment from you guys right now.

You will get in line or I'mgonna push you out of the way.

Before I get going,I want to ask you a question.

What's wrong with this place?

Management and d├ęcor.

There's no managementin control.

- How does that feel?- Good.

So you let everybody downin this room,

it doesn't bother you?

Now that I've made it clearthat I'm in charge,

I need to find outthe staff's take on this place.

There hasn't been a managerhere in a year and a half

to tell anybody what to do.

We walk in,open the doors ourselves,

and run the place ourselves.

When you'rea nighttime bartender,

you come in,nothing done.

You have to start from scratchand do everything yourself.

There's no shift consistency,no nothing.

How many hours a day you spend here?

- I'm here 10, 12 hours a day.- Is he?

Nalani: What?! ( laughs ) What?!

Count the hours--6:00 to 2:00, what's that?!

I'm the daytime bartender.

He comes in, he eats,checks up,

makes sure everything's set up,"I'll see you later."

- You do that to everybody.- Yeah, okay.

We want to know that next week when you walk out the door,

this wasn't a wasteof time for us.

Respect me as a worker,that I work hard for you.

When the ( bleep )is this about you?

It's not about me.It's about all of us.

She's full of ( bleep ).You want to lie?

Say whatever the ( bleep ) you want.

( bleep ).You're just fullof ( bleep ).

She's full of ( bleep ).

( indistinct shouting )

It's just all ( bleep ).You complain and whine!

I worked hard for this place,

and this manhas put me through hell.

She's gonna lie to everybody.Shut up.

You don't knowwhat you're talking about.

- Okay, motormouth.- No! No!

- Don't tell me ( bleep ) no!- See?!

Get the hell out, then,you ( bleep ) wise ass!

This is what he's done to mefor five years. I'm out!

Yeah, good, get out.