Owner Refuses To Pay His Staff

The owner at this filthy Austin establishment would rather pay his staff with "experiences and relationships" than actual dollars. Taffer disagrees with this practice.

Jon: This guy cared so little about his employees,

he didn't eve pa them.

Which is why Steve from Headhunters in Austin, Texas,

takes the number two sloton the list of the worst owners

I've ever come in contact with.

Chloe: This has got to be

one of the dirtiest barsin Austin.

This is a college town.They don't want clean.

It's not the culture.Austin doesn't like that.

We decided to come upwith a concept called"Punk and Porn."

It's punk bands on stage, and in the background

they have black-and-whiteporno movies.

Chloe: I've witnessed a lot of really gross things here.

Bodily fluidsand cat piss.

Let me ask you a question.What do you make an hour?

- I make nothing an hour.- What do you make an hour?

- Tips only.- Jon Tips only.

This guy hires you,doesn't put youon the payroll--

That's not the case.I offered them

the option of paying.They refused.

People have beenasking Steve a long timeto be on payroll.

He's -- and --.

And he just got caught with his pants down.

- You're full of --, man.- Steve This is a business of adults

that are children, 'cause if you're looking for a paycheck,

I don't get one.My pay is my love,my compassion,

my relationshipswith lady friends.

The older I get,I realize

it's not all about money.It can't be.

You're not gonnaget as much money,I'm telling you.

- But you get it backat the end of the -- year.- I will get it back

in my income taxes'cause I can claim my kid--

No, you won't,'cause I'm gonna changeyour pay rate

to fit the labor.

How do you screwpeople like that

and livewith yourself, man?

That's whatI do for a living.I fight lions.

I fight demons.I mean, everybodycomes at me.