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Adrenaline Hunters - Trailer

Posted on: March 8, 2006 | Views: 149 | Comment

Recipient of the Best Soundtrack award at the 2006 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival.

Adrenaline Hunters - The Movie is a 52-minute film featuring the best of Salomon's Adrenaline Hunters' exploits mixed (by Greg Oreck) with music from Asian Dub Foundation, Steriogram, Rubin Steiner, Thunderball and many more.

Through winter and summer, across endlessly varied landscapes in search of perfection... not just for the rush, but to unlock the philosophy of The Edge. Against these unadulterated backdrops, the athletes look more animal than human. Like a gecko clinging to a wall, Klem Loskot moves sinuously up a sheer rock cliff. Jerome Ruby leaps from a lonely, lofty sandstone spire to swoop towards the desert below, more falcon than man. David Arnaud descends raging mountain rivers as fluidly and powerfully as the fish that call it home.

Australia, Canada, Madagascar, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, the United States, and Vietnam are just some of the locations that provide the organic arenas for their high performance antics.

Visit SolomonSports.com for more information about the Adrenaline Hunters.
Visit VictorMuh.com for more information about the filmmaker.

The film is being screened at the following festivals:
March 30th through April 2nd - Vail Film Festival

April 1st through April 8th - Les Arcs on the Rocks

April 18th - X-Dance Film Series Hollywood

April 20th through April 30th - Newport Beach Film Festival  

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