A Shot Named After Jon Taffer

One of the new drinks at this shot-themed bar is named for the bar expert himself, appropriately dubbed the "Jonfire."

All right, so,we're targeting

the 21-to-34 demographicsof this area.

So we createda fun package of shots

that introduce flairto you guys as well.

We're gonna get awayfrom the body shots.

The first shot that we came upwith for you guys

is called a"California 3 Party."

Remember, you neverdo shots alone.

You're not gonna sit thereand order shots all by yourself

and just sitat the corner of the bar.

That's not fun.

This truly is somethingthat you wanna do socially,

so with this one,you have three or four peoplesitting there

and you could pour them alla shot at one time.

We're gonna poura half ounce in each.

The first one thatwe're gonna do is yourSmirnoff No. 21 Vodka.

Just an ounceof cranberry juice.

For the second one,Smirnoff Orange Flavored Vodka,half ounce.

One ounce of orange juiceon this one.

Half ounce of melon liqueur,one ounce of orange juice,

barely a scoopof ice in each.

Give it justa couple of shakes.

Stack our tins.

Now slowlybring up your pour

so you can get them all fallinginto the same shot glass,all right?

There it is, guys, the California 3 Party.

You see how pretty that looks?

Okay, so this last oneis a super fun one,

and it's gonna beone of your specials.

You said, "Let's go aheadand make one of these shots

named after Jon Taffer."

- So the name of this drinkis the Jonfire.- Nice.

We're gonna useWild Honey Vodka,

one and a half ounces.

We're just gonnashake this over ice, okay?

Pour that in there.

Just an ounceof ginger beer in there.

But the catch iswe have an atomizerwith mint bitters in it.

Now we're gonna light this on fire.

We're gonna have a little bitof a smoky flavor

right as it goesto the nose.

You're gonna light your lighter,put it down on the glass.

You see that littlegreen color on top?

There it is, guys, the Jonfire.

This is really good.

- Wow.- Oh, wow.

Brand-new fryer,so the grease fire daysare over.

And of course we had itprofessionally cleaned,top to bottom.

- Look at this place.- I wanna get started.

The idea for the food right now

is to do kind of like smallplates, small bites.

I'm gonna do some really beautiful little shots of food

that's gonnaset these guys apart.

All right, so the first dishthat I'm gonna show you--lamb sliders.

So, this is ground lamb.It's really trendy right now.

People love it. We're gonna dotwo-ounce patties with this.

Instead of puttinga pile of cheese on it,

we're gonna putyogurt on it.

Just simple, plain yogurt.

Yogurt is probiotic,so it helps you digest,

so as you're eating thoselamb burgers, you want more.

A little bit of our beautifulyogurt dressing that we made.

Look at that.

- See the height on that?- Yes.

Brendan: We named them after you-- they're Pops' Chops.

Pops: I like that.

We're gonna havea big day tomorrow.

And we're gonna get you guysback to being profitable.

Mike: Sounds good.