Sketchy Activity In The Projects

In Passaic County, NJ, Corporal Damiano questions a suspect who claims she was driving through a well-known drug area because she was on her way to visit her grandmother.

>> DAMIANO: 0-1-5, wants and


>> ( over radio ): 51, go ahead.

>> DAMIANO: I need a reg--

Trenton Ave.


We're stopping this vehicle--

just came of the housing

projects, a well-known drug

location, and they failed to

make their blinker.

I'll see what's going on with


>> ( over radio ): Negative 21

comes back to a 2001 Dodge Neon,

four-door, blue or black.

504 out of Lake Hiawatha.

>> DAMIANO: Lake Hiawatha's

about a half hour out of here.

Okay, I'm going to be stopping


21st and Market.

>> ( over radio ): Ten-four.

>> DAMIANO: Let's see, the

passenger keeps moving.

Why does he keep moving for?

How you doing?

What's going on?

>> How you doing?

>> DAMIANO: Good.


Is this your car?

Is this your car?

>> Yeah, it's mine.

>> DAMIANO: It's yours?

>> It's my dad's.

>> DAMIANO: Your dad's?

>> Yes.

( radio transmissions )

What's your first name?

>> Bernadette.

>> DAMIANO: Bernadette, why

don't you step out for me, all


Stand here for me.

Stand here for me.

On this side.

There you go.

Turn around, look at me.

What are you doing down here?

>> Just driving.

>> DAMIANO: Just driving?

>> My grandmother lives in


>> DAMIANO: Really?

Okay, where you coming from

right now?

>> Parsippany.

>> DAMIANO: Parsippany?

>> Yeah.

>> DAMIANO: What are you doing

in the Alabama housing projects?

>> Driving through.

>> DAMIANO: Okay, you're not

just driving through, okay?

You stopped your vehicle.

Okay, I'm going to let you tell

me what you were doing there,


'Cause you even had to pull your

boyfriend in from going after

the guy.

So why don't you tell me what

you were doing there.

Okay, by now you can understand

that you've been seen doing what

you were doing down there.

>> Uh-huh.

>> DAMIANO: Okay?

So you tell me what you were

doing there.

>> I had a DVD player.

>> DAMIANO: Okay, and?

>> I was going to sell it.

>> DAMIANO: For?

>> Money.

>> DAMIANO: Okay, so you're just

driving him down here to sell a

DVD player.

Where'd you get the DVD player


>> Don't know.

>> DAMIANO: You don't know?

>> No.

>> DAMIANO: Is it stolen?

>> No.


So where did you get it from?

>> I don't know.

>> DAMIANO: Did you buy it?

>> I didn't buy it.

>> DAMIANO: Whose is it?

>> His.

>> DAMIANO: It's his DVD player?

>> Yeah.

>> DAMIANO: Brand-new in a box?

>> I don't know where he got it.

>> DAMIANO: Perfect.

Hold on to that.

What's your boyfriend's first


>> Jim.

>> DAMIANO: Jim.

>> He doesn't have any ID.

>> DAMIANO: How you doing, bud?

Come here, come here, come here,

come here. Stand here.

You got no ID on you?

>> No.

>> DAMIANO: Turn around and look

at me.

All right, what are you doing in

the housing projects?

>> Um, we were just going

through there...

>> DAMIANO: For?

>> Coming to get gas.

>> DAMIANO: No, no, you don't

just drive from Lake Hiawatha to

the Alabama housing projects for

no reason, okay?

What were you doing there?

>> I...

>> DAMIANO: What were you coming

to buy there?

She already gave it up, cuz.

All right, we're not stupid.

>> Sir...

>> DAMIANO: What? Go ahead.

Tell me your story.

>> I'll never come back...

>> DAMIANO: What were you coming

here for?

Tell me what you came here for.

>> I... I wasn't...

My... my... my intentions


>> DAMIANO: Were what, cuz?

Come on.

You got all them needle marks on

your hand.

I ain't stupid.

What'd you come here for?

>> I was looking for a free


>> DAMIANO: What's a handout? Of


>> For some... for some pot or


>> DAMIANO: No pot. Keep going.

You don't shoot pot into your


>> Anything.

>> DAMIANO: Like what?

Cuz, what did you really come

here for?

>> Maybe heroin.

>> DAMIANO: Okay. Not maybe.

Not maybe.

That's what you came here for.

Why do you tell me maybe?

>> Sir...

>> DAMIANO: Do you think you

belong in the Alabama housing


>> ( bleep ) no.

>> DAMIANO: Well...

>> Not at all.

>> DAMIANO: And your girl knew

what you were coming here for,


>> She... she's not, you know...

>> DAMIANO: Not what?

>> In on anything, you know.

>> DAMIANO: Listen, how much did

you pay for your DVD player?

>> Uh, I paid $50.

>> DAMIANO: $50.

How many bags did you think you

were going to get for $50?

What were you asking him for?

>> I wasn't getting anything.

>> DAMIANO: What were you asking

him for?

How many?

>> I... they didn't... they

didn't even say nothing.

He just took it.

>> DAMIANO: Just took it and


Hey, Bernadette, come here.

You're lucky you didn't get

nothing else besides what you

did in there.

All right, you got needles in


You don't know.

You have any drugs in here?

>> No. There's no drugs.

>> DAMIANO: You're sure?

How do you know?

You don't do drugs.

>> No, I know there's none in

the car.

It's my car.

>> SELIMI: Show me where the

needles are.

>> I might have them.

>> SELIMI: All right, if you

have them.

>> DAMIANO: You might?

Where might it be?

I'll look. Where might it be?


>> Sir, I...

>> DAMIANO: Before I look and

get stuck, just tell me where

they are.

>> I think...

>> DAMIANO: You think...

They're right there.

What do you mean you think?

>> These are all clean.

I don't know...

>> DAMIANO: Okay, put them on

the seat.

You got no drugs with you,


>> No.

>> DAMIANO: There's no more

needles in here?

>> No, sir.

>> DAMIANO: All right, move.


He's a junkie.

Put his girlfriend's life in

jeopardy as well as his.

They were trying to trade off a

DVD player in order to get a

couple bags of heroin, but

apparently they got robbed.

Robbed by a drug dealer.

Lucky that's all they did.

>> DAMIANO: Hey, uh...

>> What'd she say?

>> SELIMI: That you're wanted of

Morris County Prosecutor's


>> DAMIANO: What did you do in

Morris County?

>> SELIMI: When was your last


>> I... I was not arrested in

Morris County.

>> DAMIANO: Where were you


>> I swear to God to you, man, I

swear to God to you.

>> DAMIANO: Got to be him.

>> I swear to God.

>> DAMIANO: Turn around.

We're going to see downtown, all


>> All right.

>> DAMIANO: It's a county

warrant, cuz.

>> All right.

>> SELIMI: We're going to check

it out.

We're going to go to


If it's not you, you'll be

released there, okay?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> SELIMI: Direct your

girlfriend to where you're going

to be.

If everything checks out, you'll

be going home. If not...

>> All right.

>> SELIMI: know where'll

you'll be spending the night.

>> DAMIANO: Morris County Jail.

All right?

>> Okay.

>> DAMIANO: Go with the officer.

>> Let's go.

>> Where am I going?

>> I love you.

>> I love you too, honey.

>> DAMIANO: Hey, Bernadette, you

could have been killed tonight

in the projects.

Now, what if you didn't grab him

by the shirt and he ran after

the guy and left you in the car

by yourself with them other five

guys around you?

What were you going to do?

>> I wasn't going to let him get

out of the car.

>> DAMIANO: What if he got out

of the car and started running

in the middle of the projects?

What would you have done?

>> I don't know.

>> DAMIANO: 'Cause they would

have ripped you out of the car


And taken your car.

Hopefully, you wouldn't have got

raped in there.

Or worse, killed.

You can't come down here.

You can't.

>> SELIMI: Okay, just follow us