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The Dudesons Movie - Moped Jump (Uncensored)

Posted on: July 11, 2006 | Views: 901 | Comment

The Dudesons build their own ramp over a lake in an attempt to break a record.

Take a daredevil, a showman, a bone breaker, a mastermind, and a 500-lb pig and add a sprinkle of anarchy and insanity and ... Crash! Bang! Arrgghh! -- you have The Dudesons! Four totally loveable, yet totally lunatic characters living life to its fullest in the idyllic surroundings of the Arctic Circle.

The Dudesons are a group of childhood best friends, who over the years have solidified their bond between each other despite all the broken bones, trips to the hospital, and near death experiences. From perilous car and motorcycle jumps to indoor bonfires, The Dudesons always manage to turn the mundane realities of everyday life into laughter and occasional pain, with the help of special guest appearances by Bam Margera (Viva La Bam) and Steve-O (Jackass). From sunrise to sunset, life holds no limits and there are no rules. 

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