MLM---What do Paris Hilton and Donald Trump know about it?

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The Old School of MLM is writing a list of 100 family and friends and trying to beg them to come along to your smoking hot mlm and network marketing business opportunity meeting. Old school MLM IS OVER. I will teach you the MLM Marketing funnel, and how to earn 3-4-5 times just like Oprah, Bob Proctor from the Secret, Anthony Robbins, Jeff Magee, Bill Bartmann, Robert Blackman, Joe Schroeder, Myself, and many other millionaires. I will teach you how NOT to go begging friends, cold calling leads, or building Mike Dillards list for him using magnetic sponsoring, or any other "so-called guru". Funded proposal is ok, just as long as it's your funnel let me show you how to build a downline like I have that will fill Texas Stadium. You can also look at my other videos on youtube as well, they are resources that will help you explode onto the scene, and make your upline wonder what the hell is going on below him...let me turn you into a superstar that is already within you. Let me treat you better than anyone else in this industry, go ask my mentees.