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Sally & Angela

Posted on: June 6, 2001 | Views: 40 | Comment

Sally & Angela, a 35 mm, 12-minute film by director Mark Wilkinson, tells the story of one ill-fated pair of professional killers. If the siblings weren't cursed by their own ineptitude, thwarted by their 1970 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, and sick and tired of each other, they would be truly dangerous.

Angela (Annunziata Gianzero) is, as far as she is concerned, the better half of the pair. She is critical, quick with the lip, and even faster with her hands, at least when doling out smacks to Sally (Terence Rotolo). Her patience with her brother is easily tried, and she wastes no words in pointing out his shortcomings, not that she has to search far. In his heart, Sally wants to be a successful cold-blooded killer, but he is barely making the cut. He has the guns, he has the suit, he even has the brains (to pull a trigger, at least), but he's missing that extra "ba-da-bing" that really makes a murderer stand out in a crowd of thugs.

Sally & Angela chronicles the latest of the pair's professional bumblings. Traversing the desert in a metallic green Cadillac old enough to have been their parents' wedding car, Salvatore and Angela are just trying to get to their hit on time, knock off their guy, and make it to Uncle Luigi's in time for dinner.

However, when their Cadillac breaks down on the way, their sibling rivalry explodes in a conflagration of bullets and biting remarks. A tale of two hot-blooded Italians with too many guns around, Sally & Angela loves Mafia action movies as much as it pokes fun at them. 

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