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video OUTTAKES - strangling scenes

Posted on: June 27, 2007 user submitted | Views: 9,463 | Comment

blood, tears and lycra - the unedited outtakes behind the scenes: unedited outtakes..stranglulation heres are a few strangle scenes we shot. strangle scenes are always easy to shoot, because the girl getting strangled completely controls the action. I have the strangler barely touch her neck and apply little or no pressure. then there are two approaches to doing this, both which are demonstrated here. the girl being strangled can hold the other girls hands in place, giving her the freedom to flop and flail wildly without the girls hands coming off. or, she doesnt have to use her hands, but she has to do all her writhing and flailing with her body, while keeping her head and neck still. The girl in the pink ballerina outfit does this well. She is a very controlled dancer and has a real knack for performing crazy body movements. here, she actually starts convulsing and kicking her feet around wildly, yet her neck and head never really move much, keeping the girls hands in place