The Ring Two - Watch the tape

Posted on: March 11, 2005 | Views: 37 | Comment

Jake (Ryan Merriman) was lucky enough to trick Emily (Emily VanCamp) to pop in the tape just before time ran out. Unfortunately he forgot to tell her she had to watch it.

Poor Rachel (Naomi Watts) thinks she's put that whole episode with the spooky videotape behind her. After the frightening events of The Ring, she moves to a quiet Oregon town with her young son, Aidan, to start a new, uneventful life.

After getting a job at the local newspaper, however, Rachel links an old homicide story she digs up to the killer video that tormented her. Then, when Aidan ends up in the hospital with mysterious wounds, she is accused of child abuse and must work quickly to solve the mystery and clear her name. 

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