'This Is Life Or Death Stuff'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/11/2014

When Adam & Skip tour the Scott residence, they find a number of life-threatening issues in their home. One of the most glaring problems is live electrical wires right next to the children's bath tub.

Hey, you got the dollsand traditional Africangarb collection.

I got the same thingat home.

- That's the Debra Walker.- I know, I've been buyingher dolls for years.

You gotta love those guys.

Uh-oh. Wow.

You got an awesome collectionof cracks in your ceiling.

Laughton: He was supposed to redo this, too.

We gotta take care of this.If anything fell and...

hurt my dolls,

I would go berserk.

This is our bathroom.

Oh, dear God.

Wow. There's no partof this bathroom that everwould've held water.

Adam: What tool do you think he used for that?

Woodpecker? A hatchet?

- Skip: What's this here?- I can see being able

to put some shampooin here, but the shampoo'snot fitting in here.

He says, "Oh, well,I can make you an areafor your candles."

No. The fact thathe even gave you that idea

that you're going to actually burn candles insideof this niche

is just ridiculous.

Adam: While the tile and grout may be heat-resistant,

what's behind it is flammable.

And eventually that grout's gonna degrade,

that flame's gonna get up and get into the framing,

and the whole house is gonna go up in flames.

When I see Johnny,I ain't gonna just givehim a piece of my mind...

he gonna get more than that.

Whoa. What'shappening with this?

We originally had itplugged into the outlet.

He hooked it upby the switch.

Skip: Your kids are literally two feet away

from live electricity,standing in water.

If they were to touch this, that's live current gonna go right through them.

There couldn't be a moredangerous situation.

I mean, I kid around a lot,but this is no joke.

No joke.

For the safety of our kids,I pray to God thatAdam and Skip

can get him to dothis bathroom correctly.

I'm completely disgustedwith what I'm seeing.

Anybody that could leave a family like this

and three small childrenin danger

got no businessbeing in this business.

- This guy is a real dirtbag.- This is a disaster.

We gotta try to get this guy.

Skip's better half,his wife,

she's a private detective.

She's gonna try and find this guy

and you guys aregonna get a chanceto confront this clown.

- I have a few thingsthat I wanna say.- Really looking forward to it.

Let's do it.Uh, clear out. I gottamake a number two

- and then I'll beright behind you.- Don't hurt yourself.

Just wait in the car.