Domestic Dispute In San Bernardino

After neighbors get into a fight San Bernardino PD get a confession

We're going to a neighbor

dispute call.

A couple of neighbors met up

at the community mailbox.

Looks like they might've gotten

into a fight.

One of them got either punched

or kicked in the back

of the head.

There's a couple of deputies

already out there and it looks

like the aggressor fled

and, uh, is maybe holed up

inside of his house.

So we're gonna try to assist.

>> (over radio): Tell us

the numbers again?

>> (over radio): 99216.

>> (over radio): Okay, 99216.

>> Sir, can I talk to you

for a sec?

How you doing?

>> I've been better.

>> DUPPER: I'm Detective Dupper

of the sheriff's department.

Can you tell me what happened?

>> Well, he... I... we had come

back from dinner and I was

walking to my garage,

and I heard him go, "Hey!

Hey, dude!" like that.

And I said...

he goes, he asks...

I don't even know his name,

and he's like, "Are you Don?"

I said yeah.

And he says, "Can I talk

to you for a second?"

I said, "Yeah."

So we walked up here and he

goes, he goes, "The guy across

the street said you were talking

(bleep) about me."

I said I wasn't talking

about you.

And I said "Well, I'm not

here to fight."

And when I turned, he hit me in

the side of the head and I fell

down and then he... my wife said

he kicked me a few times.

I don't know, I was kind of...

>> DUPPER: You think you lost

consciousness there

for a minute or...?

>> I did for sure.

>> DUPPER: Okay.

>> And then I kind of came to

and then I got up and then I

don't... and I started

to walk away.

I remember I was walking away

and then he hit me again.

And then my wife was yelling

at him and she goes,

"Don't! He's got a bad leg!

He's got a bad leg!"

He said, "I don't give a (bleep)

about his leg."

And then I was still

kind of, like, dazed,

and then...

>> DUPPER: He didn't kick you

in your bad leg, did he?

>> Yes.

>> DUPPER: Oh, he did?

Also. Okay. Okay.

>> So...

>> Did you have surgery on it,

or what was the deal?

>> No. You know, I have a big

knee brace I wear to work

and stuff, you know.

And when I was... when he was

yelling at me, I thought,

"Oh, my God, I don't want to get

in a fight right now.

I can't even put any weight

on this leg.

I'll be defenseless."

And so, that's why I was trying

to be really cool, you know.

And then I turned around

to just leave, you know,

I thought it was over.

And that's when he...

he punched me.

>> DUPPER: Well, hopefully,

we'll catch up with him

later tonight.

>> Yeah, well, Sunday's usually

his day where he's out

just walking back and forth

across the street, you know,

with beers, you know.

And, um... 'cause we've talked

a couple times about it--

he's got a big dog,

and I've got nine grandkids.

The dog scared a couple of my

grandkids and I approached him

one time about the dog.

I said, "Hey, you know,

we have a leash law.

That dog, it's a big dog.

My grandkids are small."

He's like, "(bleep) you, man"

I'm like, "Dude, come on."

And I said, "Listen,

if that dog does anything

to one of my grandkids,

then it's gonna be..."

I go, "Just put him on a leash."

>> DUPPER: Yeah.

>> He goes, "How about

if I put you on a leash?"

>> DUPPER: He's just one of

those type of people

you can't really talk to.

>> No, no, no.

>> DUPPER: Let me just take...

I want to take a look one more

time, turn this way,

so I can see.

Is that cut over there or...?

>> I don't know, I didn't

even look yet.

>> DUPPER: Okay, all right.

All right, sir, my suggestion to

you is to go seek medical aid.

>> Yeah, definitely.

>> Because you never know.

>> I know, I'm pretty sore.

>>You could get a brain aneurysm

or something going on up there.

You may not even realize it.

>> My brain's kind of small.

(both laughing)

>> Still, you never know, okay?

Thank you very much.

>> Okay, no problem.

>> Okay, we'll talk

to you later.

Looks like the aggressor

is maybe holed up

inside of his house.

Looks like

the garage door's open.

Call the dog back.

>> I'll get him back.

Please don't shoot my dog.

>> DUPPER: Call the dog back!

>> Martin, come here.

Marty, come here.

Marty's cool.

>> DUPPER: 61, one at gunpoint.

>> WOMAN: Marty!

>> Marty's cool.

>> DUPPER: Turn around

away from me.

>> Marty! Get over here!

>> Martin's going over there.

I'm cool.

>> DUPPER: Turn around

away from me.

>> Okay.

>> DUPPER: Put your hands up.

>> I'll have my dad come...

>> DUPPER: Hold on, don't...

don't move, don't move.

>> I'm not moving.

You don't have to shoot nobody.

I'm cool, the neighbors

are all watching, I'm cool.

>> Marty! Get over here!

You got your insulin?

>> Yeah.

>> DUPPER: Back... back up,

back up here towards me.

Stay right there!

Stay right there--

No, her.

You come here, come here,

back up towards me.

Back... come on, right now.

>> I'm coming, I'm com...

I'm not doing nothing.

>> DUPPER: Okay, okay, okay,

but I don't want to shoot her.

I don't want to shoot you.

>> I'm not doing nothing wrong.

>> Okay, put your hands

on top of your head.

On top... on top of your head.

Put your fingers together.

>> Sir, he does need insulin.

>> Okay, that's totally fine.

We'll take care of that,

but just give me a second here.

I want you to hold the dog.

I don't want anybody

to get hurt.

>> I'm not resisting anything.

>> DUPPER: Okay, all right.

>> I'm not resisting anything.

>> DUPPER: I appreciate that.

>> I mean, yeah, I'm not

looking for no trouble.

I was just trying...

>> DUPPER: Hey, like I told you,

there's always two sides

to every story.

>> Martin is so good, he...

All the neighbors know him.

>> DUPPER: You know, the thing

is, is that the, uh, the dog

doesn't know any better

and he sees me...

>> Yeah...


>> DUPPER: I had the... he was

out here with his dog and I was

trying to make sure the dog

wasn't coming after me.

>> I'm not resisting, though.

You guys all know that, right?

>> DUPPER: You're good,

you're good, you're good.

>> I don't want to get beat up.

>> DUPPER: You're good.

Well, tell me about this thing.

What happened earlier today?

>> Well...

I made a mistake.

Obviously, right?

I made a mistake.

Um, I didn't even know this...

I mean, I've lived here

for five years.

I don't even know that guy.

But I know most

of the neighbors.

I'm not saying they all love me,

but I know most of the neighbors

don't like him.


Saturday night, we were...

>> DUPPER: Tell me what

happened today.

>> I says, "Hey, are you Don?"

And he says, "Yeah, I'm Don,"

or whatever.

And I said, "Well, I heard you

had a problem with me."

That I'm a loudmouth... I don't

know if all the information

I got is true.

>> DUPPER: Yeah, but you're

upset 'cause, hey, you heard

this guy is saying

something about you.

>> You know, what's the problem.

And the guy is, like...

in my face, you know.

I mean, he's in my... I mean,

I don't want to do it to you,

but... I... you know, he's...

he's in my face, you know.

And I'm like, "What do you

mean I'm a loud..."

"I didn't say you were

a loudmouth."

And he's like this and I'm like

going like this, you know, to...

you know, like, whatever.

And, uh... so...

we're having words or whatever.

And, uh... I hit him.

>> DUPPER: Well, Robert,

I appreciate it.

You know what...

>> That's the truth.

>> DUPPER: I appreciate you

being so cool and taking care

of your dog for me.

Just have a seat

for me real quick.

>> Okay, okay.

>> DUPPER: I'll make sure

your dog's put away here

and everything's good, so...

Have a seat, and I'll come

back and talk to you

in a minute, okay.

>> Okay, like I said,

if I have a court date,

I'm gonna be there.

I don't need to be... I hope I

don't need to be bailed out of

jail and all that 'cause...

I did hit him,

I admit it, I hit him.

>> Well, I'm gonna go figure out

what we're gonna do right now.

>> I'm not going anywhere if I

have a court date, believe me.

I've never had a failure to

appear even on a ticket.

You know, so...

>> DUPPER: All right, Robert.

The AC's on, so just hang tight

for me for a minute.

>> If you get my name mixed up

with my brother, you might think

I'm the guy who runs, but I own

the house and I'm not a runner.

>> DUPPER: I think we got

you squared away.

All right, hang tight

here for a minute.

Hey, we're all good.

we got him wrapped up.

He admitted to hitting the guy.

>> He pretty much

confirmed everything,

you know, the victim said.

>> DUPPER: He's trying to

justify it a little bit, but...

Yeah, he made a mistake,

and that's what he said.

"I made a mistake and..."

So he's gonna be going