Legacy of Motorcross - Trailer

Posted on: October 4, 2006 | Views: 157 | Comment

Legacy is a 70-minute documentary showcasing 30 years of motocross, the toughest sport on earth, and the lives of its legends.

This is the story of a few remarkable athletes -- Roger DeCoster, Bob Hannah, Rick Johnson, Jeff Emig, Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Ward, David Bailey, Danny Chandler, Heikki Miccola and Jeff Stanton -- who have risen above the rest to create a path for future generations. Legacy captures these legendary racers deep in the red rock desert, following their lives of fame and misfortune as they divulge their hidden secrets of success. These athletes are determined, aggressive, and down right cocky. They all live by the same rule; they do not understand how to give up! It is their legacy.

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