The Angriest Taffer Has Ever Been

When Ami, the owner of Zan Z Bar in Denver, insults Chef Bryan Duffy in front of a crowded room, Jon Taffer sees red. Nothing upsets the best bar professional in the world more than a disrespectful owner.

So far in this countdown,we've seen some moments

that really pushed meover the edge.

I'm leaving.Shame on you!

I'll knock your ass out!

But I've finally arrivedat the moment

that made methe angriest of all.

I don't take kindlyto people insulting my friends.

But that's exactly what the owner of this next bar did.

Free beer!

This guy not onlyhad a Napoleon complex,

he was alsoa mouth-foaming maniac.

You should nothumiliate this barin front of the customers!

This is totally wrong!

When he verbally abusedone of my experts

in front of his employees,I lost it.

You disrespectfulson of a bitch!

That's why my run-inwith Ami at Zan Z Bar

in Denver, Colorado,

is the number one angriest moment

I've ever had during a rescue.

Your bar failed tonight.It was only a third full.

Who was in chargeof the kitchen tonight?

- He and you.- The fat boy.


Fat boy should have--yes, fat boy.

He should've stoppedthe kitchen a long time ago!

You had six -- checks.You had six checks.

- Hey, --! --!- You -- the entire kitchen.

I have neverin my entire career--

Excuse me, go backto your boss, fat boy.

You disrespectfulson of a bitch!

- Don't touch me!- Oh, --.

- Don't touch me!- You --!

How you dare you?How dare you touch me?!

That guy is one of thebiggest -- I've ever met.

Good night.

I am so upset with Ami.

I wanted us to do thisbecause I knew we needed it.

It's a business.It's not about his pride.

The way he insulted you,Chef, this whole thingis unbelievable.

I don't knowif we can rescue this bar.

This place is a disaster

and the owner isthe biggest disaster of all.

( bottles clatter )

I still can't believe that.

One more?

Nothing pisses me offmore than bar owners

who abuse their employees,their business,

disrespect people,and put their customersin danger.

That's why I yell so much.

In orderto make change happen,

sometimes I have to givepeople a little shove.

--!How dare you?!

And you know what?

At the end of the day,they usually thank me for it.

God sent me an angel,and that angel's nameBig Mean Jon.

Thank youvery much, man.