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Operation: Desecrate American Flag

Posted on: January 27, 2006 | Views: 180 | Comment

"This is the video clip of the desecration of the American Flag. In this video, we Muslims stepped on AND tore up the American flag in response to the desecration of the holy Qur'an. We also did it to prove that our loyalty does not belong to this flag. This flag represents a form of neo-idolatry where people live and die for this piece of cloth. This flag also represents oppression, not only in the Muslim world, but also other parts of the world which includes but not limited to South America, Vietnam, Japan & Africa. We would like to clarify that we DID NOT BURN THE FLAG as the rumors say. Rather, we stepped on it and ripped it. The video is evident of that. What we did was completely legal and protected by the American Constitutional Amendment."

Filmed by: Islamic Thinking Society. 

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