'You're Supposed To Not Smoke Crack'

In Palm Springs, CA, Officer Pilutik discovers drugs in a car during a routine traffic stop, along with some cash and a handwritten note detailing a drug transaction.


kind of unique being an officer

here in Palm Springs.

The town here got really famous

in the '60s and the '70s when a

lot of actors, famous people,

came from Los Angeles and used

this as their getaway.

It's kind of funny.

Last week I got sent up to Elvis

Presley's old retreat house on a

music call.

I got to go in there and see all

of his old items that he used to


Okay, I'm going to do a traffic

stop on this vehicle in front of


It looks like they just ran a

stop sign and made an illegal


( siren chirps )

They're driving erratically,

cutting across lanes.

( garbled radio transmission )

We're going to go ahead and stop

them, see what they're about.

Hi, there.

( knocking )

Does the window go down?

>> My window doesn't roll down.

>> PILUTIK: Okay.

May I have your license,

registration and insurance,


Got your ID on you, partner?

>> Um, no, I don't.

But I can give you my name.

>> PILUTIK: Okay, I'll get that

in a second.

>> Oh, no, I left it...

I totally left it at home.

I have a driver's license,

but it's a Utah driver's


>> PILUTIK: Okay.

15 advisement clear for 2.

>> ( over radio ): Go ahead.

>> PILUTIK: Can you check her

out of Utah?

>> ( over radio ): Checking.

15, she's expired Utah.

>> PILUTIK: 10-4.

Okay, I'm going to pull her out

and shake her down.

Pull him out, shake him down,

do an inventory of the car

and see where we go from there,



>> PILUTIK: Rachel, go ahead and

step out of the car for me.

Put your cigarette out.

Walk up here.

Stand up here.

Face my partner.

Put your hands on top of your


Interlace your fingers, spread

your feet out real wide.

No needles, right?

>> Uh-uh, no, I don't.

>> PILUTIK: You don't mess with


>> Not anymore.

I'm going to Utah.

We were gonna get money to

register my car and he's buying

my other car, so like, I was

totally going to register that


I haven't had any money to do

it, honestly.

>> PILUTIK: Have a seat on the


>> I'm really doing it tomorrow.

>> PILUTIK: Rachel, put your

feet out in front of you and

cross your ankles, okay?

>> Okay.

>> PILUTIK: John, go ahead and

step out for me.

Watch your phone.

Watch your phone.

Go ahead and leave your phone in


There you go.

Stand over here.

What do you got?

>> Three dollars.

I was giving her for gas for

giving me a ride.

>> PILUTIK: Uh-huh.


Looks like we've got some drugs

on the floorboard here.

That's in the passenger's

dominion and control area.

All right.

Put your hands behind your back.

>> What the hell?

Why's he going to jail?

What was he doing?

>> CANTU: All right, just hang


The officer will let you know in

just a second.

>> What? What happened?

>> PILUTIK: What's this that we

found right next to where you

were sitting?

>> What?

>> PILUTIK: What's this?

>> I don't know, man.

>> PILUTIK: You don't know?

>> No, I don't.

You can, man, take my, I do not


>> PILUTIK: That's interesting.

>> It is, really.

I was just getting a damn ride,


>> PILUTIK: You were just

getting a ride?

>> That's it.

>> PILUTIK: What's that note

say, Officer Cantu?

>> CANTU: Check it out.

About leaving a hit under the

seat for three bucks.

The three bucks was right there.

>> PILUTIK: ( clearing throat )

"You can pretty please go into

the bathroom and leave a hit for

me and Misty under the sink.

I'll give you three dollars.

Thank you and thank you for

putting up with my crap and

kicking it with..." something.


And is this three dollars?

>> No, man.

>> PILUTIK: And that looks like

a hit, huh?

>> CANTU: 15.

>> Yeah?

Here's some more, buddy.

From his front left pocket.

>> PILUTIK: Interesting.

Well, here he's got some crystal


So he's going to have two

charges on him so far.

That's exactly where you were


>> Man, you think I'm going to

lie to you?

>> PILUTIK: You have been so


>> No, I haven't.

What he found, I told you I knew


What you found I don't know what

the hell that is.

>> CANTU: I appreciate that.

Come on, buddy.

Let's go walk over here.

>> PILUTIK: You didn't know he

had this?

>> No, I knew he had that.

But I didn't know about the


>> PILUTIK: So you knew he had

the rock cocaine.

>> Yeah.

>> PILUTIK: So you knew he was

going to drop it on the floor.

>> No, I didn't know that.

>> PILUTIK: Okay, but you've

seen this bag?

>> Unless that was the one


>> PILUTIK: Is this your


>> Yeah, that's my writing.

That was for my friend Misty.

I wrote it for her.

>> PILUTIK: Signing your name?

>> Well, she wanted a hit so I

got it for her.

Well, what am I supposed to do?

>> PILUTIK: You're supposed to

not smoke crack.

>> Well, I know that.

I just...

I knew he had it and I told you

that in the first place.

But I didn't know he was going

to drop it on the ground.

I did not know that.

>> PILUTIK: Okay.

>> I'm not in charge of what he


>> PILUTIK: So whose is it?

>> It's his.

It's not mine.

>> PILUTIK: Well, how about

this: since you're not being

very helpful, I'm going to take

your car.

>> No, please, I was going to

get it registered.

>> PILUTIK: Listen, this is all


>> Well, what do you want from


You asked me if I knew he had

any and I told you.

>> CANTU: What about the other

dope he had?

>> I don't do that.

I didn't know he had that.

>> PILUTIK: Rachel, listen to


>> ( sobbing )

I'm going to be stuck without a


>> PILUTIK: Listen to me,


You brought this on yourself.

You need to make changes.

I'm not the bad guy here.

You're the one doing illegal


>> I know, but...

>> PILUTIK: You're probably

under the influence right now.

If I take your blood, are you

going to come up clean?

Probably not.

I can probably take you for

driving under the influence of

crack, too.

>> I don't want...

>> PILUTIK: That's the same as a


Did you know that?

Did you?

>> Yeah.

>> PILUTIK: It could be a lot


Do you want to go to jail right


So I think this is the least of

your worries.

This is a wake-up call.

What if you're dead right now

because you crashed into

something because you're


>> But I'm going to be stuck in

Palm Springs.

I wish I was.

>> PILUTIK: Well, you'll be

stuck without a car and a lot


Look at your buddy.

He's going away in a police car

for what he's in possession of.

>> I know, but that's not mine.

I swear.

>> PILUTIK: Your car is going


You're going to be walking.

If you calm down, not coming

with us.

I'm cutting you a huge break.

You could be going to jail

for being under the influence of

coke right now.

You could be going to jail for

drunk driving because when

you're driving under the

influence of coke that's the

same as driving drunk.

You are getting a citation

because your driver's license is

expired, which means you don't

have one anymore, okay?

You don't have insurance on your

vehicle, and you made an unsafe

turn in front of me.

I nearly hit you.


And don't put anything on paper

that you don't want anybody else

to read.