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When I Came Home - Theatrical Trailer

Posted on: April 21, 2006 | Views: 70 | Comment

Today in America, over 300,000 veterans are homeless. Nearly half of them served in Vietnam.

In 2002, filmmaker Dan Lohaus set off across the country to document the lives of homeless Vietnam veterans and to listen to their stories. From big cities to small towns, these veterans recounted what had led them from the war to the streets. Many told Lohaus that they had come back to America haunted by their memories of Vietnam, only to fight a new war at home.

They spoke about returning from combat in Vietnam with overwhelming feelings of guilt and rage, about their nightmares and flashbacks, and about how difficult it was to simply readjust to a 'normal' life in America. They spoke about losing their trust in the V.A. and the American public. Many spoke about their need to isolate themselves, about turning to drugs and alcohol, and about losing the support of their families. And nearly every homeless Vietnam veteran raised concerns about the new generation of soldiers returning from combat in Iraq.

When, in late 2004, Lohaus found Iraq War veteran Herold Noel suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and living in his car in Brooklyn, WHEN I CAME HOME became a film about history repeating itself.

For more information, please visit www.whenicamehome.com or contact the director, Dan Lohaus, at: dan@whenicamehome.com 

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