Stress Test At Scoreboard

The glaring problems with management become very apparent during the stress test at Scoreboard. The food takes forever to come out and Maria Menounos' cocktail is so strong it nearly makes her sick.

- Quesadilla's ready.- Hey, where's my food, dude?


I'm working on it.

Anthony, no. Your poursare falling apart, dude.We can't send these out.

- It tastes really strong.- Yeah.

It's really strong.And yours?

Man: Over-- too much liquor.

I think it justblew up my chest.

It's really overpoured.

Oh, that's disgusting.

Guys, we're runningout of tequila 'cause you'remaking these cocktails wrong.

I need a -- runner here!I got food dying!

- Man: I need tequila!- Mia: We're running half-hour ticket times from the kitchen.

People are asking for food,but I can't get itout the -- window.

I'm making 30 Tequila Sunrises.I have no glassware,no grenadine.

Two quesadillas right here,three skins. Read the ticket,please.

It took me about half an hourto get this drink.

This one is too strong.This one is too weak.

Go get themthe right drinks, please.

- Bryan: Yes, immediately, love to.- Jon: Thank you.

So, would you guysever come backto this place?

Not if it's this slow.

Coming out, coming out.Coming out, coming out.

- Thank you.- Try that one.

Once again,we're short one margarita,but it's on its way.

It was like an armpitmixed with feet.

What the hell do I doto get a decent drinkat this table?

I got a guy,he's already paid for his drinkand has gotten nothing.

This guy waitedan hour for food.

I'll obviously have togive you your refund.

Jon: How's the food, guys? Is it okay?

Those are supposed to beextra cheese, extra bacon.

You guys gotthe wrong potato skins.

These are supposed tohave extra cheese andextra bacon on 'em.

Anthony L.: I can't get drinks out, I can't get food out.

I got five ticketsthat haven't even beencalled yet.

There's no system 'causethere's no organization.

You can't take any more orders in the kitchen.

Guys, no morefood orders for now!

I'm sorry.

This bar got in deepand never dug out all night.

Michelle isn't justa bad manager,

she's a nonexistentmanager.

I'm shutting it down.Finish up those drinks.Let's get outta here.

We got some work to do'cause I'm starting ina hell of a hole.

Time to go to sleep.

Good night, Gracie.