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The Global Assault!!! - Trailer

Posted on: July 18, 2006 | Views: 11 | Comment

This year Globe is showcasing one of their top events in the DVD titled The Global Assault!!!.

The Global Assault is a contest remaining in a class of its own and is quoted as being 'the most fair, legit and open format skate comp ever held.' This competition will be available on DVD in June and will feature the world's best skateboarders such as: Mark Appleyard, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, Ryan Sheckler, Colt Cannon, Ronnie Creager, Corey Shepherd, Paul MachNau, Greg Lutzka, Matt Mumford, Chad Bartie, Geoff Rowley, Eric Koston and Nyjah Huston.

The Global Assault competition is a JAM format, with qualifying heats, semi heats, and a final. Each heat takes place on two different zones on the course. The Global Assault also includes outrageous bonus footage such as a Spot Check street skating session, a street best trick session, footage from the famous indoor skate bowl called 'The Ring of Fire', a Prahran Vert section in Melbourne Australia, a Globe bbq and after party, contest highlights, and much more.


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