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Ink Master: Flash Challenge Preview: Twin Tattooing: Part II

Posted on: March 4, 2014 | Views: 19,010 | Comment

The teams of artists get started on sketching their designs and begin inking the identical twin girls all at the same time. Can the ladies handle this much tattooing?

Tune in to Ink Master airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.  

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Ink Master Videos

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What Inspires Tattoo Artists? (1:49)

From artsy parents to doing graffiti in their spare time, every tattoo artist has inspiration for their art. Sometimes, the best inspiration is the personal connection with clients.

Posted Yesterday Views: 77

Most Shocking Twists (1:52)

Ink Master is always full of thrilling twists and turns that push artists to compete in ways never dreamed of. Nude canvases? Check. Inking inmates? Check. Scar tattoos? Check.

Posted Yesterday Views: 67

Meet Your Rival: LT Vs. Ty’Esha Reels (1:31)

After a showdown at a tattoo expo where LT emerged as the victor, Ty’Esha wants a second shot to redeem herself. Will she finally prove that her drive and talent make her the better artist?

Tune in to the season premiere of Ink Master Rivals on Sept 2 at 10/9c on SPIKE.

Posted August 14, 2014 Views: 2,194

Meet Your Rival: Julia Carlson Vs. Caroline Evans (1:40)

It’s a vengeful veteran versus a redemptive rookie when Caroline enters the competition with her rival and co-worker, Julia. Caroline wants to put an end to Julia constantly one upping her at last.

Posted August 14, 2014 Views: 1,728

Meet Your Rival: Cris Element vs. Angel Bauta (1:36)

After Angel gave Cris a spot in his shop, Cris honed his skills and one day suddenly left – right when Angel was in dire need of his help. A maddened mentor and his protégé prodigy are out to settle the score.

Posted August 14, 2014 Views: 1,862

Meet Your Rival: Mark Longenecker Vs. Ryan Eternal (1:49)

Mark took Ryan under his wing but was suspicious when he lost a tattoo competition that Ryan was a judge in. Ryan feels that Mark’s work is outdated and is coming for his belt. Mark says “bring it”.

Posted August 14, 2014 Views: 1,951

Most Outrageous Tattoos (1:32)

Sometimes when you’re knee deep in ink you can make some monstrous mistakes. Throughout the years on Ink Master everyone’s had their fair share of tatastrophes.

Posted Yesterday Views: 47

Meet Your Rival: Cleen Rock One vs. Tim Lees (1:50)

Cleen Rock One gave Tim Lees a gig at his shop, but when Tim's work wasn't up to par, Cleen gave him an ultimatum: shape up or ship out. Tim says Cleen just has a God complex.

Posted August 7, 2014 Views: 34,863

Meet Your Rival: Erik Siuda Vs. Don Peddicord (1:51)

It started with a little smack talking on social media, but now Erik Siuda and Don Peddicord are bringing their beef to the national stage. Time to show up or shut up.

Posted August 7, 2014 Views: 3,196