Jon Taffer Breaks Up A Fight

Taffer sees red when he has to break up a fight between the bar manager and a waitress. This bar and its staff are so terrible, can O Face possibly be rescued? Tune in to find out.

Oh, we got a fight,

and they're really beating the hell out of each other.

Russell: It's a full-blown cat-fight.

Russell, let's stop this.

- Get the -- off me!- She's hitting her!

Stop, what are you doing?

- Get off.- Do you -- hear me?

Hold on.This is your bar.

Wait a second.You're the managerof this bar!

How dare you disrespectthat girl?

Shut the -- up!Get out of my face!

Where's the owner of this bar?Get him out here now!

Is this your manager?

Do you allow herto beat up your employees?


You have an employeebeating her up.

Her head hits that concrete,you're out of business.

That's assault.If she got hurt,she could sue you.

This is your representative.She's beating up an employee?

Why aren't you upset?

Why am I screamingand you're not?

I wasn't out here!

I will scream at youall day long!

I don't let peopleyell at my wife.

I'm tryingto save your ass.

You're not talking to her,you're yelling at her.

Why don't you stick upfor her a little bit?

- I am sticking up for her.- Bull--!

You stick upfor your business!

I'm fightingfor her right now.

You stuck upfor your business.

This girl will bury you!Fire her ass!

If she's here tomorrow,I'm not.

- That's your choice.Good night.- Thank you.