Jon Taffer Walks Out For The First Time Ever

When a video surfaces of a bar owner hitting a bartender, Jon Taffer realizes that the only option is to completely walk away. In his completely unprecedented words: "This is the first Bar Rescue I ever walked out on, you blew it."

The first day I got here,I never even made itinside the bar.

I got involved in a fight in the parking lot

where your managerwas fighting with you, Cerissa.

At the end of that fight,

you looked at her and saidshe had it coming.

And why was Ion the ground?

Cerissa, you ask for itall the time.

And then I saw video a few minutes ago

that took me over the top,

and I want an answer to this.

Matt, Dave, please explain this.

Matt on iPad: You think I'm -- playing with you?

Man, I'm military,mother--!

I will -- take you outif you ever -- yellat my wife again.

I'm -- talking to you,you understand me?

Whoa, hey, hey, hey.

( overlapping yelling )

-- you, Dave!

You ever touchmy lady like that again,I'll knock you out!

I didn't talkno disrespect to her!

- Hey, now.- Either you put himthrough a -- window,

or I'm gonna put himthrough a window.

I own the bar,so I prefer it was you.

You get a $10 raisean hour.

You get a $10 raiseper hour

if you throw your own employeethrough a glass window.

How do you likewhen he slaps youin the face?

I didn't like it at all.

Is he a reasonablehuman being whenhe does that?

Dave: No, not when he does that.

Was she reasonablewhen she told you youdeserve it?


I can give two --about what they'retalking about right now.

Your bar isn't what's wrong.Your character is what's wrong.

I've aired out my differenceswith all these people!

- I've talked,I've discussed--- Really?

- Yeah, I have.- How do you defend this?

And I'm sick of youyelling at my wife.

The problem is you guysthink this is okay.

You guys are a mess.

I ain't scared of --, Jon.

My tolerance for an ownerhitting an employee is zero.

You have no responsibility.


You see, I have a reputationand I have to protect it,

and you will destroy it.

Just like youdestroyed your own.

- We are notthose type of people.- Then what did I see?

Some things happenedthat you saw,

but that's not the normalthat happens around here.

The ultimat coup de grĂ¢c |is an owner hitting an employee.

I am not gonna rescue a barand then read in a newspaper

that somebodygot hurt here next week.

I won't have any part of it.

Since I have been here,you guys have proven to me

that you don't have the fundamentals to begin running this business

and proved to mehow irresponsible you are.So, here's the deal.

I'm leaving.I am not rescuing your bar.

My advice to you is this,as another human being,

you need some help,and you need to pullyour lives together.

And then maybe youcan save your business.

You need a counselor, not a bar professional.

But I'm done.This is the first bar rescueI've ever walked out of.

You blew it.

I'm gone.Good night.

Matt: He -- us in the ass! That's -- low, man.