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Promo Copy - Lauri Heiskari's Part

Posted on: November 4, 2004 | Views: 184 | Comment

Lauri Heiskari demonstrates that girls do it as good as guys, and that includes a slam.

Sean Johnson, the guy who helped bring us such classic shred flicks as Whiskey and Video Gangs, has teamed up with Pascal Gallant, Ilari Suhonen, and some others to bring you Defective Films.

Defective Films first release, Promo Copy, is a 16mm progressive freestyle film starring: Iikka Backstrom, Eddie Wall, Joni Malmi, Lauri Heiskari, Simon Chamberlain, Andreas Wiig, Eero Niemela, Mikey Rencz, Alex Auchu, Travis Kennedy, Kurt Wastell, Chris Coulter and Chad Otterstrom.

Standout parts include: Eddie Wall doing a 60-foot, 270 step-up gap to rail and Joni Malmi's incredible street rails. (If you screw up on some of these rails you don't get hurt, you die.) Rookie Simon Chamberlain shows the smoothest jib style on the street and in the park; Likka Backstrom is quickly gaining respect among the pros as the one with the style they wish they had. Chris Coulter has balls the size of watermelons; another rookie, Eero Niemella, can spin frontside 1080s without flapping his arms. "The Machine" Andreas Wiig proves why he's one of the most respected park riders in the world; 18-year-old Mikey Rencz pushes the limits of the Whistler Backcountry.

Bonus Features: trick tips and interviews, plus a "Pop-up Video" section.

Sponsors: Transworld Snowboarding, Forum Snowboards, Vans, Sapient, Jeenyus, Quicksilver, Smith, Burton, Rossignol, Agency, Stepchild.

Produced by Defective Films.

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