Munto - (Demon) Boy Meets Girl

Posted on: May 15, 2006 | Views: 145 | Comment

As the three girls walk to school, a demonic looking boy drops from the sky.

Akuto, the main source of energy is running low and the Heavens, a world of islands hidden beyond time and floating above our own, has united against the Magical Kingdom, which uses the most energy. To save both the Magical Kingdom and the Heavens and restore the flow of akuto, the Magical King Munto must follow a vision and find the girl Yumemi in the lower world. Yumemi herself is just a normal girl except that she is the only one who can see the islands of the Heavens floating above. When Munto appears before her, she starts thinking about the responsibility of herself and others to the world. 

clouds • animation • schoolgirls • manga • demon