Store Full Of Grandmas

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/01/2014

The average age of this thrift store hovers around 82, but Bryan and Jason take on a youthful spirit to tackle the thrift store finds.


All of a sudden Bryanlooks young to me.

The average age of this thrift store,

both shoppers and workers, is probably about eighty-two.

It's like a store full ofgrandmas. I just wanna hug 'em.

I wonder how many of theseshirts people died in.

Inappropriate commentbased on the surroundings.

I'm sorry he passed, butI have to make money.

I'm thinking I might get thisDolce & Gabbana; it looks real.

This Dolce & Gabbanatie could be a winner.

I can't imagine they went tothe trouble of faking that.

And I found that for you.

"Over the hill."

Jason finds thisaudio-animatronic cat.

I love this.

I'm not a cat lover but Ido love animatronic pieces.

So people love thisstuff at Christmas.

It's creepy. It's licking its paws

while it's waiting for Santa Claus.

Jason: I know.

How much is it?

It's eight bucks. I love it.

Creepy or not, the animatroniccat might score me fifty bucks.

Are you ready to check out?

eady to ing out. All right. r

I spent $56.00 dollars andhope to turn it into $150.00

And I'm ready here,just these three things.

I spent $7.50 and I'm gonnaturn it into about $60.00.

I just know thatwhen I retire,

I'm gonna just be far,far away from you.

By that time I'llbe tired of you.