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Episode 10 - Elm

Posted on: June 6, 2001 | Views: 93 | Comment

"A woman's sex [aka, her "c-muffin"] breaks loose and escapes into the streets." And the result is an hilarious, sad, tender, brilliant, postmodern, genre-busting horror film crossed with a work of hard-boiled detective fiction and a romantic melodrama to boot (not to mention a pussy-up-a-tree rescue). A brilliant conclusion to a superb, multi-dimensional film that utterly deserves the cult status it has achieved.

The Sadness of Sex is a truly extraordinary postmodern work of theatre, performance art, film, and stream-of-conscious monologue that traverses the hilarious and outrageous journey of a hopeless romantic (Barry Yourgrau, who also wrote it) riding the cycle of passion, romance, laughter and the seemingly inevitable, heart wrenching breakup. Interweaving dream logic with satire, melodrama, surrealism, and everyday reality, it dives headfirst into the craziness and contradictions of sexual relations between men and women, and the soulful search for understanding and love. 

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