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Ink Master: Elimination Tattoo: Warrior: Part I

Posted on: April 22, 2014 | Views: 11,661 | Comment

Tested on detail, and joined by guest judge Brandon Ríos, the artists must ink their canvases with warrior tattoos. Scott tries to take down Sausage by giving him yet another difficult canvas.

Tune in to Ink Master airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE. 

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Ink Master Videos

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Flash Challenge Preview: Monster DNA Headphones: Part II (2:25)

Cleen pairs himself up with Mark and goes for a big and bold idea. Cris follows Aaron’s lead for a headphone design he’s praying will win the flash challenge.

Posted Yesterday Views: 681

Flash Challenge Preview: Monster DNA Headphones: Part I (2:11)

The artists must have perfect precision this week as they’re tasked with designing their very own custom monster-sized Monster DNA headphones in pairs.

Posted Yesterday Views: 979

Elimination Tattoo: Skulls On Skulls: Part I (2:11)

NFL star DeAngelo Williams helps the judges weigh in on the artists’ work this week as they are tasked with inking their human canvases’ heads with skull tattoos.

Posted Yesterday Views: 6,128

Elimination Tattoo: Skulls On Skulls: Part II (2:56)

Cleen tries to knock out the weaker artists with his skull pick when the artists are tested on placement, setting his sights on Cris and Mark.

Posted Yesterday Views: 2,218

Elimination Tattoo: Skulls On Skulls: Part III (2:51)

Cris seeks to prove the naysayers wrong with his skull design. Aaron’s canvas starts to develop pain midway through getting inked.

Posted Yesterday Views: 2,218

Elimination Tattoo: Skulls On Skulls: Part IV (2:38)

Aaron’s canvas starts to go out cold and puts his chances of a win at risk. Erik isn’t impressed by Jason nor Don’s skull tattoos.

Posted Yesterday Views: 2,547

Flash Challenge Preview: Monster DNA Headphones: Part III (1:50)

Aaron and Cris do the same headphone design as Cleen and Mark, hoping they have the better version. Jason and Erik desperately rush to finish as the clock winds down.

Posted Yesterday Views: 516

Flash Challenge Preview: Monster DNA Headphones: Part IV (2:23)

Chris, Oliver, and Dave scan the artists’ monster-sized headphones and show their approval for a lucky few while giving a harsh reality check for the others.

Posted Yesterday Views: 521

Flash Challenge Preview: Freehand Tattoo: Part II (2:02)

DeAngelo shares his story about his dearly departed mother who was a victim of breast cancer, and what he’s looking for in his custom design so the artists can get to work.

Posted November 11, 2014 Views: 4,413

Flash Challenge Preview: Freehand Tattoo: Part I (3:13)

The 7 remaining artists must freehand custom designs for NFL star DeAngelo Williams to encapsulate his emotional and personal story with breast cancer - and demonstrate perfect placement in the process.

Posted November 11, 2014 Views: 15,897