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Guided by Voices - The Electrifying Conclusion - Watch Me Jumpstart

Posted on: March 27, 2008 | Views: 846 | Comment

Guided By Voices opens their set with Watch Me Jump-Start.

Four hours! 63 songs! One f***ing huge bottle of champagne! Plexifilm is proud to release a definitive record of one of the greatest live bands in rock: THE ELECTRIFYING CONCLUSION captures Guided By Voices' final concert at Chicago's Metro on New Year's Eve 2004, completely uncut.

The DVD contains the 240-minute feature film, plus 20 minutes of additional material including rare live footage of a GBV performance from January 1994 at the Antenna in Memphis, TN, and exclusive footage of Robert Pollard recording demos for Half Smiles of the Decomposed.

With performances by past GBV members, guitarist Tobin Sprout, bassists Jim Greer and Greg Demos, drummers Don Thrasher and Jim MacPherson, and guest appearances by Matt Sweeney of Chavez/Zwan/Superwolf, Jon Wurster of Superchunk/Marah, Bob Pollard's brother Jim, the MC/dancer favorite Beatle Bob, and of course, the onstage bar, tended throughout the show by Pollard's buddy Trader Vic. 

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