Get To The Copter!

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/31/2014

Justin and Ro try to collect insects with their remote controlled quadcopter. Watch out for that tree!


Let's try that again.

Yeah, let's watchthe launch again.

Launch two.

We have liftoff.

Yes! Ro One is in the air.

(quadcopter buzzing)

It does, huh?

(Ro)All right,

I feel better about this.

Okay, cool.

All right,where do you want to go?

We crashed our quadcopteron the first attempt,

but we got itback up and running.

And I think we havea good chance

of winning this field test.

Some height?

Oh, (bleep), look howfar out they got that thing.

(Ro)Should I shut it off?

(Justin)I would've shut it off

a long time ago.

The quadcopteris pretty failsafe.

It has a built-in GPS,

so if we shut downthe controls,

it should return to the placewhere we launched it.

Okay, I'm shutting it off.

Seems to be going down.

(Dave)Oh, no, you're close

to those pine trees.

(quadcopter crashing)