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Posted on: June 10, 2005 | Views: 49 | Comment

All those perfect ollies, grinds, and boardslides we see in videos come at a price. And here it is. Hope these guys were all OK.

411 Presents 911.

In celebration of skateboarding's most painful moment, the slam, 411 has dug deep into a decade's worth of tapes to bring together the best of the worst -- the slams that define the joy and pain that is skateboarding.

This nut-racking, gut-wrenching, bone-crushing extravaganza will have you squirming in your seat and peeking through your fingers. It's fast paced with a soundtrack tailor-made for this sort of high-octane action.

On a lighter note, Tim O'Connor will keep you in stitches while you watch some heads splitting. Thanks to the creativity of the edit staff and the commentary genius of O'Connor, 911 is just as hilarious as it is painful!

Featuring interviews with Laban Pheidias, Stacy Lowery, and Brian Schaefer, 911 gives an insider's perspective of some of skateboarding's all time gnarliest slams ever caught on film.

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