Shelter From The Storm

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/31/2014

Kirsten and Shaney find... something, and Dan and Dave come across a stick structure.

(Kirsten)Ooh, look, look.


What the (bleep) is that?

Seriously, what--what is that?

What is that?I don't know!

There's no bone.

(Shaney)I don't know what this is

that we found.

I'm bewildered,I'm puzzled,

and apparentlyBigfoot is a puzzle.

So, who knows?

Maybe the piecesare coming together.

I've got goose bumps.

I'm gonna start recordingyou doing this.

Shaney collecting the big pile of hair.

Now, did you lookthough here for hair?

Hmm, what about this?

Hee-hee-hee,me likey.

Do you, now?

I do!

(camera shutter clicks)

This is clearlya made structure.

I mean, it's been obviouslynot used in a while.

Yeah, obviously.


Is that comfortable?

Because it don'tlook like it.

Comfort's in the eyeof the beholder.

Actually it is soft,for your information.

I think this structure

could have beenmade by Bigfoot.

I thinkhe's a nomadic hunter,

and I think he would utilizea simple shelter like that

to shelter himselfduring a storm.

Ah, you look relaxed, nice.

(camer shutter clicks)

Got it.

Perfect, yes.

Good photo.