'You Think You Can Smoke Weed On The Street Like That?!'

In New Orleans, LA, undercover Officer Kinnett arrests a man who allegedly offered him marijuana in exchange for beads; a large man is taken into custody after he ignores instructions to move along.

>> GLAUDI: It's Mardi Gras

time again, guys.

Streets are thick.

They're crazy right now.

Be safe.

What we're doing tonight, we're

not going to focus on every guy

peeing on the sidewalk like we

have been doing.

We're going after career


We know most of the regulars out


We're going to go after the

pickpockets, prostitutes, guns,

dope, all of that.

Other than that, that's it.

We know what we have to do.

Just be safe and watch out for

each other.

( people yelling )

I tell you, being in

plainclothes, undercover like

this is a pretty big advantage.

You never know what you're going

jump out on.

These people come down here,

think they can do anything, get

away with anything.

Really, it's not like that.

New Orleans isn't a liberal city

like people think.

They're smoking marijuana out in

the open, urinating, doing

whatever they can.

I mean, and really they think

they just have to hide from the

uniform cops, but really we got

so many plainclothes officers

out here that we're everywhere.


Somebody's smoking weed.

You smell it?

Let's take this guy here.

He's smoking weed.


chief, can we get a Salem.

Can I get a hit of that?

>> Can get a hit of that?

You want this?

>> KINNETT: You want the beads?

>> STICH: Got bad news for you,


>> KINNETT: Guess what, how

about this one?

>> STICH: Turn around.

>> KINNETT: Put your hands...

>> GLAUDI: Hey, dude.

Turn around.

You with this guy?

>> KINNETT: Be cool, be cool.

>> GLAUDI: Turn around.

Turn around!

Turn around, put your hands on

the wall.

You see this guy do anything?

>> STICH: Nah, he was standing

there, but this guy was just

flat out smoking it.

We went up and asked him if we

could have a hit.

>> GLAUDI: Take a walk.

Take a walk. Go, go.

>> Just be cool, man.

>> Take him down.

>> GLAUDI: Get down.

>> Come on, man!

>> Stand back!

>> KINNETT: Get your hands

behind your back.

Get your hands behind your back.

>> GLAUDI: Go ahead, hand behind

your back.

>> KINNETT: You got cuffs?

You got cuffs?

>> GLAUDI: I got it.

I got it, wait.

>> Come on, man, what'd I do,


>> GLAUDI: Sit up now. Sit up.

Man, what'd I do?

>> I told that guy we're the


>> GLAUDI: Fine.

>> I said we're making an

arrest, stay back.

He said, "Man, I'm coming

through anyway," tried to push

right through.

>> GLAUDI: Right.

>> It's unbelievable, man.

>> STICH: So you grabbed that


He was big, man.

>> Had my badge out and

everything, man.

Dude was coming through anyway.

He didn't care.

>> GLAUDI: I saw that.

>> He was coming right through.

>> GLAUDI: What's the matter,


We all identified ourselves as

police officers.

We said, "Step back."

>> I didn't know, man.

>> GLAUDI: No, you knew.

You knew.

We were making an arrest.

We identified ourselves, and you

were going to walk through

anyway, right?

>> Oh, man.

>> GLAUDI: That's why you're

where you're at right now.

>> I'm innocent.

>> KINNETT: You're innocent?

>> I'm just a college student,

that's all, sir.

>> STICH: I understand.

We ain't saying you're a bad

guy, man, but you know, the fact

is, it's against the law to

smoke marijuana.

You smoked it right outside in

the open.

You can have a good time at

Mardi Gras without smoking that


>> Hey, Mike!

>> What are you going to do,

walk him back to the station?

>> GLAUDI: Yeah, let's use the

uniforms to cut a path, too.

( people cheering )

>> The guys over my right

shoulder, I think just passed

something to each other.

>> GLAUDI: Go call Stich.

Key them to it.

>> STICH: You smell it?

Somebody's smoking weed.

This guy back here.

Sarge is getting him. Let's go.

>> Police.

>> What are you doing, man?

>> I didn't hear you.

>> You smoking a blunt?

>> Not anymore.

>> Not anymore, hmm?

Keep your hands behind your


>> GLAUDI: You have any more on

you, man?

>> No.

( garbled radio transmission )

>> GLAUDI: What's up, man?

You think you can come down to

New Orleans and smoke weed on

the street like that?

Right in the open? Huh?

>> No.

>> GLAUDI: I mean, are you aware

of that law we have here?

It's against the law.

>> Where are you from?

>> I'm from here.

>> Well, then you know it's

against the law.

>> GLAUDI: You should know

better than that.

>> I just was, you know, just

hanging out.

>> You just hanging with your

buddies, huh?

>> By myself.

>> GLAUDI: All right, let's roll

him back.

It's one of them nights.

Hectic night.

Thank God Mardi Gras's only once

a year.

>> STICH: What are these two

doing right here?

What are these guys up to?

Let's grab these guys.

Hold it.

Hands up against the wall.

>> Put it up. Put it up.

Put your hands up.

>> STICH: Put your hands on the


>> Don't move.

>> STICH: We got it. We got it.

>> GLAUDI: What do we got, Mark?

>> STICH: We got a pipe loaded

with some weed.

And, uh...I don't think they

got anything in this.

Just some cigarettes.

Hold on to these cigarettes.

You're under arrest for

possession of marijuana.

( garbled radio transmission )

Is there any more of this on


>> No. It's not even mine.

My friend gave me the pipe.

>> STICH: Your friend gave you a

pipe loaded with weed?

You all were going to smoke it.

Don't tell me you weren't going

to smoke it.

>> GLAUDI: What else you have on

you? Anything else?

>> That's it.

No, I have nothing else.

I don't do anything.

>> GLAUDI: Where you from?

>> Baton Rouge.

>> GLAUDI: Where you got this

weed from?

>> Huh?

>> GLAUDI: You bought it out

here, or you brought it with?

>> No, I brought it with me.

It's not my pipe.

>> STICH: Relax, chief.

What's that down there?

>> I ain't fishing it out.

>> GLAUDI: There's got to be

more on you.

You're telling me that's all you


>> No, that's all we had.

We're poor.

>> GLAUDI: Go through his


That's hard to believe that's

all you would bring down with


>> We were just going to have

fun tonight.

>> STICH: This ain't the way to

do it.

>> GLAUDI: Where you staying at?

You drove down for the night, or

you're staying...?

>> Yeah, I'm staying at my

parents' house.

>> STICH: Look at this ID.

This guy here had the pipe on


Looks like he had passed it to


>> GLAUDI: They were just

getting ready to light up?

>> STICH: Yeah, just getting

ready to light up.

It's loaded with marijuana.

Getting ready to smoke weed out


>> GLAUDI: They have anything

else on them?

>> STICH: No, they didn't have

anything else.

They just wanted to party with

this, but they got caught.

The party's over.