The New York Pizza Investment

Pizzalino's in Bayonne, NJ has a superior product but poor location. Evil Olive in Brooklyn has a tremendous location but bad pizza. Who earns the investment?

I'm actually really nervous.

It means so much to my parents,

my brother.

I'm pretty nervous.

I guess it's the timeof reckoning.


How's it going, Joe?

You know, we came herebecause of you

as a world champion pizza tosser.

When we got herewe discovered you guys

had gross sales of only$72,000 a year.

During the invest test,you did 33 pizzas in one hour.

That's impressive!

This is a verydifficult decision.

And we've chosen not to invest in your restaurant.

At this rate of revenue,

you don't want to beburdened with partners.

We didn't win,but we did win.

The knowledge we got from the investors,

it's once in a lifetime,

and I took it inand we're going tomake it happen.

- Hey, guys.- Travis.

We came herebecause Williamsburg

is one excitingmarketplace.

But when we got here,

we discovered a verymediocre pizza.

This was a toughdecision for us,

and the restaurantwe chose to invest in...

is EvilOlivE.

( laughs )

Wow!We will not let you down.I promise you.

I invested in Jasonbecause he truly gets

the hospitality business.

He's hungry and I lovethat about him.

After working the numbers,

we decided that with a $30,000 investment

you will bequickly profitable.

Thank you, guys.

Guys, there's a condition.

Jason, you must learnto make

every pizzaon that menu.

Do you accept these terms?


- Congratulations.- Good job.

- Thank you.- Thank you.

Thank you guysvery much.

I'm elated,I'm excited, I'm proud.

They believed in us.

EvilOlivE Pizza Bar,that's where it's at.

Come on.

Let's get to work!