Shocking Investment Decision

While choosing between the Bistro and Elements restaurant in Las Vegas, the Hungry Investors make a completely unprecedented decision that leaves restaurant owners stunned.

- Hi, Bryce.- Good to see you.

Good to see youas well.

Bryce, you have a greatreputation in this town

for providing good service.

But when we walked into yourrestaurant, it was filthy,

so we decided notto taste the food

until you cleaned it up.

That's what we did.

During the invest test,

we really wanted to turna table every hour.

We only turned twoout of nine tables,

and you really didn'tcommunicate with Patrick

to dig yourself out.

On the good side,you're special.

You have a great,loyal following,

a real sensitivityfor hospitality.

And you were up againstsome tough competition

with Paul at Elements.

And it was tough, butwe did make a decision,

and my partners and Ihave chosen...

Not to investin The Bistro.


At the end of the day,this isn't personal.

It's all business.

When I evaluatedmy five criteria,

I didn't want to put my moneyinto this restaurant.

Bryce is a great guy,

but the businesswasn't worthwhile.

I want to wish youthe best of luck.

Thank you.

Good luck, man.

Good luck, man.

What just happened,it's a buildingexperience

that taught mea lot of things.

But --, it sucks.

Hello again.

- Paul.- Yes, sir?

You have 33 years' experience.

But when we met you, wediscovered a hotheaded owner.

During the invest test,

we had production issues.

- Long ticket times.- Yes.

A lack of leadership, Paul.

But you were open to change.

I didn't think you would be,

but you were open to change.

You were up againstsome tough competition

with Bryce at The Bistro.

Sure. It's a greatrestaurant.

Well, my partnersand I have deliberated...

And we've chosen not toinvest in your restaurant.

Okay, you're not.

Tiffany, John and Icame here

to invest in an upscalecasual restaurant.

We wound up investing

in neither of the tworestaurants we found.

I did not investin Elements

because of Paul,plain and simple.

He couldn't controlhis emotions.

We didn't see the potential.

We didn't makethe investments.