The New Orleans Gumbo Dilemma

Seafood gumbo is a food staple in New Orleans. If your gumbo isn't excellent, your restaurant is bound to sink. This rookie chef is passionate about his food, but he won't earn an investment if his gumbo doesn't improve.

- That has no thicknessto it at all.- No.

Derry: Not much seafood here.

Besh: There's a seasoning issue.

- Taffer: I don't like it.- There's no depth of flavor.

I wanna tastea good shrimp broth.

That's wherethose heads come in.

- Thin.- Derry: It's very thin, a lot of rice.

- Taffer: Not a lot of flavor.- These shrimp have been sitting

from the day beforewhen they put it in

and it actually ends upbeing very hard.

Um, doesn't haveany juiciness in it.

This is New Orleans, baby.The people here areall about flavor.

Seafood gumbo-- I didn't getany flavor of seafood.

- But we can fix that easy.- All right, guys.

- What did you think?- Chef...

Dude, I wannabelieve in you.

But a lot of thiswas bad.

That gumbo...

We sell 10 gallonsof it a week.

- I mean, they--- Doesn't mean it'sgreat, Archie.

When they come,they come in for the gumbo.

Taste your gumbo.

It's good.

I don't know, this ishow I always grew up--

So this is whatyou grew up with?

You're proud,you're gonna stickwith it?

- Yeah. Yes.- Besh: Is what you're saying?

It fell flat.When we talk aboutgumbo being flat,

it was one note, mighty thin.

And now hearing thatyou actually want that,I'm wondering why.

So for us andfrom my standpoint,

we havesome food qualityissues here.

He knows.We try to tell you stuffabout the food all the time.

You just wannado it your wayor that's it.

Like, we tell it to himall the time but hedon't listen to us.

So I feel like if somebodyfrom the outside speakand tell it to him,

then maybe he willstart listening.

I think it's-- you know,we sell a lot of it.

They like it.I mean, they come in--we sell a lot of seafood gumbo.

I think that this...

is very difficultto defend.

- It's water with rice.- There are some things, youknow I do feel strongly about.

So, Archie.Your passion shows.

But the fact that you'rea rookie chef shows, too.

Are you willingto acknowledge some of this?

- I stand behind our product.- Taffer: You're losing$2,500 a month!

- You're not doin' good.- Lord, have mercy.

Derry: When you have three people telling you

that the gumbo's really notwhat you think it is,

maybe you should bea little more open.

Right now I wouldn't invest in Bistro

because I don't seethe food aspect here.

Taffer: So our researchers told us

that this restauranthad potential.

But we only invest if we think

you can seizethat potential.

We have Creole cookingthat's done in-house

and we're very proud of itand we stand by it.

Your stubbornnessis not gonna get you

any closer to our money.You gotta understand that.

- All right.- Well, what we wanna dois we wanna come back

- and work with youfor a day.- Okay.

Great.Guys, you needto talk to him, okay?