Setting Up The Sting On Pedro

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/14/2014

Alison tracks shoddy contractor Pedro to a nearby worksite where she successfully sets up a sting for the next day. Pedro has no idea what's in store for him.

I have been trailingPedro from his home.

He's up ahead in a white pickup truck.

And I've confirmed he's definitely not certified to install glass skylights.

In order to not raise Pedro's suspicions,

I plan to approach him at a construction site

and tell him that I'm a homeowner that lives in the neighborhood

and that I want to getan estimate on my house.

Just pulled overinto a work site. Perfect.

Go talk to him.

Got him.


So, today we'reat the sting house

with the Kungl family,

putting up cameras,getting everyone in place.

And we're waitingfor Pedro.

Alison,right this way.

He's going to be hereany second.

So, we're going to go take our position--

- which is ina tree, like this.- ( laughing )

- Do you see any wires?- ( assistant speaking )

I can't wait for youto get your hands on him.

- Yeah.- Crashing.

- All right, he's here.- All set, okay.

That's him.Here he comes.