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AND1 Streetball - IFILM at the AND1 Mixtape Tour in L.A.

Posted on: June 23, 2005 | Views: 91 | Comment

The AND1 Mix Tape Tour takes off every summer, hitting up 22 big cities and challenging local ballers to show their skills on the court, or in this case, in the park.

AND1 is strictly for those with serious game, so competition is fierce. An open run is held at every stop of the tour, where the locals go head to head in each venue's parking lot and compete for a chance to "get in the building". The five that do, take on the AND1 Streetball team, one of them gets on the bus.

With the increasing popularity of the Mix Tape Tour DVD's, that highlight each year's tour, AND1 and Ubisoft are releasing the AND1 Streetball video game for the 2005 Holiday Season. The game will stay true to what goes down in your neighborhood cage or school court and give gamers a chance to take on the AND1 team, or even step in their kicks. IFILM was at the 2005 Tour's third stop, Los Angeles, talking to some of the players and on the court for the open run. 

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