Skating Through the Ashes - Trailer

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Skating Through the Ashes tells a story through the eyes of the half dozen young men who created this temporary skaters' paradise in the wake of the Oakland Hills Firestorm of 1991.

Unnoticed amidst this devastation lay a hidden treasure. Almost every burnt-out backyard contained a large, debris-filled swimming pool. To a small group of hardcore skateboarders this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Shadowing the exuberance and freedom they experience in the hidden world of the "Hills," are the tragic and untimely deaths of three of the central characters. Skating Through the Ashes captures both the joy and unbounded energy of the time as well as the inevitable sense of loss that comes with the break-up of the community. This story offers us a visceral experience of the fragility and resilience of youth.

Aaron Astorga
Tony Farmer
Royce Nelson
Pete Colpitts
Cris Romero
Brian Brannon
Brant Kaake
Jake Phelps
Billy Hanley
Justin Caughlan
Joel Chavez
Morgan Ghan
Jason Dioguardi
Bryce Kanights

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