P.I. Alison Uses DMV Records To Track A Contractor

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/17/2014

Alison Bedell uses DMV records to locate Vance and bring him back to the job. Adam & Skip are waiting to pounce at the sting house.

I used DMV recordsto track Vance's truck

to an address,which is his parents' house.

But DMV records also showthat he has a white Ford.

That's his car.I'm gonna try to catch up.

( engine revs, horn honks )

Come on.

- Thank you.- ( tires screech )

I finally find himworking on somebody's gate.

So, this is the perfect opportunity for me to ask him

to come overto the sting housefor an estimate.

Excuse me.

Are you in the business of metal gates?

Can you come to my house and give me an estimate?

I guess, like what I-- the size and what I--

Okay, can you put your number in my phone? I'll just give ya--

Great. Super.

Nice to meet you, Vance. I'm Stacey.

All right, good. I look forward to talking to you and setting it up.

Thank you.

Okay.Got 'em.

Man: Contractor's 20 minutes away.

Today's the sting dayand it's where we get

to play the hammerof justice.

We're here with Valerie Carpenter and her friend John.

And we're waiting for Vance the contractor to show up.

What's going throughyour head?

Just the closerthat, I guess, that he's coming,that energy's coming.

And I know thatthere's going to be somekind of completion.

You can just sit backand enjoy us tearinghim a new A hole.

Yay.( chuckles )

As usual,there's tension in the air.

People running around getting cameras ready.

Okay, we're readyto pounce.

Skip's pacing likea caged lion.

I got adrenaline and the butterflies.

Alison is clippingthe hedges.

It's time to catch a contractor.

( indistinct chatter )

- All right, copy that.We're ready.- All right, let's do it.

C'mon, Vance.

Man: Take your places, people.