Horse Sense

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/17/2014

Julie tries to lure out Bigfoot with her horse pheremones, and Michael finds a tasty snack.

(Matthew)Hey, hey, hey.

I got fresh poop.

(Julie)Oh, cool.

And I am gonna puta trail cam up.

And I want themto smell Heritage.

Heritage is a therapy horse.

I rub the horse downwith the white sheets

to release pheromones.

I think that possiblyBigfoot may be able to pick up

on the pheromonesof that particular animal,

and may be more curiousto investigate.

(Matthew)You know, Julie's got

some crazy ideas,and it seems to be wasting

a lot of my time right now.

I'd rather be out therehunting Bigfoot.

(Julie)All right, Heritage.

Do your thing, girl.

Look, right here, see?That's elk.

Are you sure that's elk?

I'm pretty sure.Look how big it is.

See, it's huge.

Let me see your--

Oh, look at that!That's so cool!

You better not eat that.

They're ants!

Don't eat thatfrom that poop.

But they're so yummy.

Not from the poop!Not from the poop!

Under a log, I can stand, Mike.Not from a pile of poop.

It's just dirt, Kat.

We'll samplesome of those ant eggs.

It's never enough of thatfor it to be a food source.

You know that?

The largest critteron the planet is a blue whale.


And it eatssome of the smallest critters

because it eats plankton.

So, bears eat 'em.

And it would make sensethat Sasquatch would,

if he was omnivorous,

would follow the same patternsthat a bear does.

This whole pasture is coveredwith these patties.

Yeah, I know.

So if you went from pattyto patty to patty

You'd very quickly end uphaving a Big Mac.

Mm, those a really good.

Okay, stop that please.

Stop it! No, stop it.