Close To Home - Trailer

Posted on: February 24, 2007 | Views: 124 | Comment

A tale chronicling the day to day life of two young Israeli women, Smadar and Mirit, during their compulsory military service in which they are assigned to patrol the streets of Jerusalem. Both eighteen-years-old, they are paired together, despite their other differences. They are assigned to detain any Palestinian passersby, check their papers, and register their details in special forms. Mirit is respectful of her superiors, while Smadar barely conceals her desire to rebel. When a tragic event occurs, they are quickly reminded of their surroundings and must learn to overcome their differences. Jerusalem's multifaceted reality presents obstacles that these young women face, set against the backdrop of the decisions made by political and religious leaders that directly affect their lives. For Smadar and Mirit, compulsory army service is another challenge to endure in order to start adulthood.  

soldier • terrorism • friendship • Israel • Jewish • Palestine