Godzilla vs. Disco Lando

Posted on: March 21, 2002 | Views: 73 | Comment

"... **** ... not including the price of a Macintosh and software, this film's budget looked to be about $7.99 ... yet Evan Mather's work is a low-res tour-de-force involving Kenner Star Wars action figures, a boxing Godzilla doll and, yes, disco ... this is a brilliant deconstruction of the Lucas trilogy and reveals that percolating just beneath the surface sparkle of gee-whiz futurism lies barely suppressed homo-eroticism, religion, violence and bad dancing ... Yoda explodes - what more do you want? ...", Allen White, Film Threat Weekly.

Lando's libido is given the full workout while Godzilla inflicts his fury upon Cloud City. Features a high-octane disco soundtrack.

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