Roach Infestation In Texas

Headhunters in Austin, TX, is completely infested with pests of all kinds. Once Jon Taffer sees a roach in a liquor bottle, he shuts the bar down and calls in reinforcements.

The next bar on my listis so terrible,

when I walked inwith my wife Nicole,

the entire place reeked of cat piss.

What we foundin a liquor bottlewas even worse.

That's why Headhuntersin Austin, Texas,

is number two on my list of the most disgusting bars

I have ever rescued.

- Why don't youmake her a drink?- Sweet Tea Sour?

Yeah, I can do that.

Is there somethingin that bottle?

There's something--wait, wait, wait!

Come back here with that!

Oh, I told themabout this already.

She turned it upside downand there's somethingfloating around in there.

Jon: There's a cockroach in there. That's unacceptable.

She was gonnaserve that to me.

How many otherliquor bottlesare like this?

- Chloe At least two |- Look at it.

Here's one of 'em.

Look at that, guys.That's a roach.

That is disgusting.I'm repulsed.

My wife orders a drink.The bottle is filledwith a cockroach

- and bugs.- Wow.

The staff told me theysee cockroaches every day here.

- There's nocockroaches in bottles.- Let's go ask her.

Chloe, how often do yousee cockroaches here?

- Uh, about every day.- About every day.

So, your staff is pullingyour liquor bottles.

They're telling me there'sroaches here every day.You don't see it?

- You don't know it?- There's bugs all over Austin!

You're the biggest bug.

Let's show what happenswhen a moron defends failure.

This is what happens |- Oh, my God.

There is about 30cockroaches in there!

Look at that.

Seeing that manycockroaches was disgusting.

When I sent my teamof exterminators

to clean up Steve's -- hole,

they founda class-five infestation

of three giant coloniesof cockroaches throughoutthe bar.

I want you to beas grossed out and angryat this as I am.

Look at this, guys.

This is during the exterminator's sprays last night.

Just watch it.

Here's what he wrote. "That the conditions noted

are a health hazard and a public danger.

There was substantial fecal matter, egg casings

and mutilated roach carcasses."

Man: -- that was a -- load of 'em.

I want you to lookaround at the bugs.

I just want you guys to see the magnitude of this.

There' thousand | of carcasses.

Now, Steve...

...gonna have a drink?

How'd thatget in there?

So, it's okay if yourcustomers consume it,but you won't.

Throw out all these bottles.I can't save any of it.

I want this place clean.And I want you doin' it.

I want youimmersed in sludge.

The biggest cockroachof all was Steve.

You're a pieceof --!