'It's Not A Grilled Oyster'

While doing a taste test, Jon Taffer and John Besh get into a heated arguement over whether Bistro Orleans or Neyow's serves the better oyster.

Besh: It's nice to taste real butter.

Taffer:It's raw though,it's not cooked.

How's it rawwhen it's -- hot?

If it's hot right now

and it's bubblingin my fingers, it's not raw.

It doesn't have the sizzle,the dryness or the smokiness.

Besh: Can things be improved? Yes. But it's not raw.

Taffer: I'm not eatin' it, Besh.

It doesn't have the lookor the appeal--

John, last night I hadoysters on the bar

and they were smokierand better tasting than these!

It's not a grilled oyster to me, John.

- Are these as goodas Neyow's?- No.

End of discussion!Next!

Taffer: By the end of this tasting it was clear.

Bistro Orleans did nothave the quality.

And that makes me worry as an investor.