Six Days in Roswell:Day 4

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Excerpt from the feature film.

"A hilarious journey into the bizarre world of UFO fanatics...."David Hunter, The Hollywood Reporter

Filmmaker Roger Nygard gives us an unbridled comical look at fanatical subcultures in his recent documentary "Six Days In Roswell."
"Six Days In Roswell" was produced and edited by Nygard, directed by Timothy B. Johnson, and stars "Trekkies" profilee Richard Kronfeld. The film is about UFO enthusiasts attending the six day celebration of the 50th anniversary of the alleged crash of an alien space ship in Roswell, New Mexico. The film has screened at a eighteen film festivals including Aspen, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. And the film premiered in Roswell on June 30, and as a gala event on July 2, at this year's Roswell UFO Encounter 2000.The film is currently being released to home video in October, 2000.
More information and high resolution color photos from "Six Days In Roswell" can be downloaded from the film's 

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