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Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story - Concrete Jungle

Posted on: June 22, 2005 | Views: 424 | Comment

A brief performance of Bob Marley's "Concrete Jungle," followed by a bit of interview.

Bob Marley has, since his death in 1981, become an icon of unimaginable stature. Ask anyone who comes to mind when they think of reggae and the answer will inevitably be Bob Marley. Go to any college campus and look inside the dorm rooms and there will almost certainly be a Bob Marley poster in at least half the rooms because he has come to symbolize disenchantment with the established social order. However, few who listen to his music realize the depth and range of Bob Marley's political, philosophical, and religious beliefs. This documentary tells Bob Marley's story through his words and music, as well as through interviews with those who knew him best, including his wife, Rita, and fellow reggae pioneer Lee "Scratch" Perry. 

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