Bad Boyfriend Busted With Heroin

In Palm Springs, CA, officers pull over a suspicious vehicle in a known drug area. They find one boyfriend with dope hidden in his sock, and one very disappointed girlfriend.


advantage of being in plain

clothes is we get a little bit

more time, flexibility, to roll

around, and we can maybe sneak

up on people a little bit better

than a patrol car can.

Patrol car guys also take a lot

of zone calls, whereas, uh,

we're afforded, an opportunity

at least, to do a lot more

proactive policing, where, uh,

you know, pulling vehicles over

and, uh, doing some surveillance

on some hot spots of the zone.


worked with Mike here for the

last two years on the 3599 car,

which is a plain clothes car.

>> REDDY: This area is, uh,

typical for, uh, junkies coming

up to buy their heroin.

( sirens )

So we, uh, trying to get this

vehicle pulled over right here.

They came out of a lot that's,

uh, that we know is a main, uh,

dealer uses to sell his heroin.

>> KABALA: Everybody keep their

hands where we can see them.

>> REDDY: Can I have your

license and registration?

>> What's going on?

>> KABALA: You tell me what's

going on.

>> What do you mean?

>> My mom called me and asked me

to pick her up.

>> Like, we went over to that,

and there's like a housing plan

across the street.

That's where we were over there,


>> KABALA: You know what that

lot's known for, don't you?

>> What lot?

>> KABALA: The lot you guys just

came out of.

>> Oh, no, her mom

said to come over here and we

went in every lot.

>> KABALA: That's where they

sell drugs up here.

And when we got behind you, you

guys were moving around, which

is very typical of somebody

trying to hide their dope after

they bought it.

Step out for me.

>> As far as I know, he doesn't

do no drugs.

>> KABALA: Put your hands up on

the car, sir.

>> Should I pull up my pants?

>> KABALA: Do you have anything

sharp on you that's going to

poke me?

>> No, I think I have a lighter.

>> KABALA: You have a lighter?

That's it?

>> Can I smoke?

>> That seriously is why we're

up here, sir.

I'm not lying.

>> KABALA: Throw your cigarette


( jingling )

Step back here for me.

>> Can I pull up my pants?

>> KABALA: You can pull your

pants up.

You have any ID on you?

>> No. I don't have anything.

I don't even have a watch.

I don't have ID.

>> REDDY: At this point right

now, we've, uh, got consent from

the driver to take a look in her

vehicle, based on our suspicions

that there's possible narcotics,


It's paraphernalia right now,


>> KABALA: See that line there?

That's needle marks.

What's that from?

>> Right here, you said?

>> KABALA: I saw some marks on

your arm, that's all.

>> Well, I don't do anything.

>> That string came out of my

hoodie, I swear to God.

>> REDDY: How 'bout the heroin


>> KABALA: How 'bout the empty

stamp pack?

>> REDDY: What about the empty

stamp pack?

>> That's not mine.

I swear to God.

Dude, you can check me.

>> She goes to a methadone

clinic now, I think.

I heard she was.

>> If I did heroin, I wouldn't

be able to pay my bills.

>> KABALA: What do you got in

your boots?

>> Nothing.

>> KABALA: Take them off.

>> We just asked if, um...

>> I just got fired one day ago.

>> We just asked this guy across

the street if they've seen her

mom and, uh, they're like, "No."

That seriously is what they


>> KABALA: Mike, I'm gonna

take a walk back, 'cause he had

his arm out the window.

>> REDDY: He was smoking a

cigarette, he flicked ash.

>> KABALA: I'm gonna make sure

he didn't drop anything.

>> REDDY: Put the boots back on.

>> I work every day.

I work every day of my life.

I just got my own place.

I wouldn't be able to pay bills

if I was a junkie.

>> KABALA: Did you check the

inside of his socks?

>> REDDY: No.

>> Both of them?

>> KABALA: Yeah.

Take your socks off for me.

Pick your foot up.

Whole way up.

Step this way.

>> What did I do, sir?

>> KABALA: You got cuffs on you.

>> Huh?

>> KABALA: Huh?

>> You didn't even ask her, sir.

If I have anything it wouldn't

be right now.

I swear to God.

>> What happened?

>> That's what I'm just trying

to tell him.

That wasn't from me, sir.

I swear to God.

>> KABALA: That wasn't yours?

>> How could you have seen that

right now?

>> What is it?

>> Sir, I swear to God, I don't

even do drugs.

>> What is it?

>> Sir, I was just back here

with you and took my

socks and shoes off for you.

>> KABALA: You got anything else

on you, partner?

>> No.

>> KABALA: You take anything

else down at jail, it turns

into a felony.

>> Sir, I didn't even...

That's not mine.

I swear to God, sir.

You can even ask her.


Sir, I was just back here and

asked the officer.

I took my shoes and socks off

right there.

>> KABALA: You might as well

save your breath, man.

I saw it come out of your sock.

>> Saw it when?

You just said step back.

I swear to God, that's not mine.

>> KABALA: You can put your

shoes back on if you want.

I'm not putting your socks on.

>> Sir, can you please ask him?


He just searched my...

>> KABALA: There's no asking

anybody. It's your dope.

>> No, that isn't.

I don't even do dope, sir.

>> KABALA: You might as well be


>> Sir, how can you tell me that

that's mine?

>> KABALA: What's that?

>> How can you say that's mine?

I swear to God, I just took my

shoes and socks off for him.

>> KABALA: You can tell the


You can explain to the judge

what happened.

>> Sir...

Sir, I didn't do anything.

That is not mine!

>> KABALA: There's a piece of

rock in there, too.

>> I brought him up here 'cause

he was sick and I didn't want

to... fight with him all day.

>> REDDY: Do you know who he was


>> He wanted me to drop him off

at his friend's house, 'cause I

didn't want to deal with him.

And I brought him up here and I

guess he tricked me into coming

up here.

He bought stuff.

>> REDDY: So you didn't know

what was going on at the time?

>> I was just dropping him off

at his friend's house.

>> REDDY: Okay, and that's where

we saw you, uh, in the parking

lot down there?

Okay. All right.


Driver's license is good. She

checks out. Car's registered.

Registration's good to go.

She's squared away as far

as we're concerned.

>> REDDY: Okay, have a good day.

>> Thank you.

>> REDDY: We really don't want

to see you up here anymore.

It's a bad area.

>> Thanks.

>> REDDY: You're free to go.

>> LEBEDDA: I almost

believe her story.

She's pregnant, she's desperate.

She's living with him.

He's paying the bills and he

said bring her up here, bring

him up, so he did.

And that's what happened.

I believe her, and I feel

good that we let her go...

hopefully she'll get some


>> REDDY: She needs a new man.

>> LEBEDDA: No doubt about it.