Nazi Gold in Argentina - Extended trailer

Posted on: April 22, 2005 | Views: 244 | Comment

Shot in Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Italy, "Nazi Gold In Argentina" uncovers controversial evidence about the arrival to Argentina of Nazi war criminals with their vast stolen fortunes. It also exposes the web of complicity from such institutions as Swiss banks and the Vatican. Through unprecedented testimonies, carefully produced re-enactments and the expertise of worldwide known researchers, "Nazi Gold in America" brings light upon the darkest heritage of Nazism.

The story begins in Patagonia, southernmost tip of Argentina, where researchers look for the remains of a German U-boat landing. Their search then turns to a pre-World War II Argentina, a period in which anti-Semitism raged in the country. Huge amounts of money were transferred to this country in order for espionage and propaganda purposes. The revelations of Argentinian involvement from as high as Peron have alarming ramifications. This story has been kept secret... until today.


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