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e-dreams - The First 8 Minutes: e-dreams

Posted on: January 8, 2002 | Views: 757 | Comment

Title sequence and first few minutes of a documentary about two Korean-American entrepreneurs who put up their savings, maxxed out their credit cards, and borrowed family money to create Kozmo.com, a start-up dotcom in New York that was an online convenience store promising delivery of snacks, videotapes and other products within a half hour.

In one year, their business grew from 10 employees to 3,000, raised more than $250 million in capital, and extended to 11 cities. Like so many other dot-coms in the late-Nineties boom, Kozmo.com's growth was unprecedented. Then the bottom fell out.

E-Dreams is an important documentary about the frenzy of success that came with the spread of the Internet, and the subsequent failure of e-businesses that cost a lot of investors a lot of money and almost destroyed the nation's economy. 

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